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Meet our designer


Whatever your project you will receive expert care. Kate Smart attained a first class honours degree in Landscape Architecture during which she learnt how to create spaces using hard and soft landscaping materials. One of Kate's tutors said "Kate's a bit of an imagineer" she can visualise new things. She knows whether to enclose a space to create intimacy or open it up to let in the light.

"My love of nature started at an early age when I was given a Ladybird book about British Wild Flowers. I am sure this is why I became such a keen gardener and later a beekeeper".

Some time spent abroad also contributed to her appreciation of other cultures, architecture and art. "Last year I opened my own garden to the public to raise funds for charity under the National Garden Scheme. It was really hard work but now I am looking forward to opening it again and appearing in the 'Yellow Book' next time".

Kate works on her own projects full time "I love seeing the garden transformations whether they are big or small; it's such a rewarding job - I love it!".