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How we work

Designing a new landscape is often about creating a series of outdoor experiences that work in harmony with your home.

Places to relax and feel comfortable, places to play, places to cook and dine and all arranged in the best way to suit your available space. A good design is a blend of hard and soft landscaping where textures, colours and materials work together perfectly; it's where ideas become tangible.

Nobody wants an ordinary garden and that's good because we don't design ordinary gardens. We design gardens that are inspired by you, your personality and your home. If you happen to be living in a scenic part of the world all the better, we might borrow some of nature's backdrop to add to the show. See some examples in our galleries.

The initial consultation with the designer

At the first meeting the designer will find out a little about how you want to use your new space and why you want a change. It's an opportunity for the designer to assess some of the potential of the space, discuss initial ideas with you and for you to see some plans and photos of our previous projects. Following this you will receive a brief for the project and confirmation of the design costs.

The survey

We start off the process by carrying out a survey of the spaces involved and mapping these out to scale. We look at soil health, check the potential of existing trees and shrubs for the new scheme and photograph the site. If your garden has complex levels a more detailed survey might be required. See an example of a survey in the gallery.

The ideas

Generating several ideas and alternatives for you makes our approach slightly different. Our proposals for your project will include a number of concepts or ideas with sketches of the key views from doorways or windows. These help you to visualise the different ways your new garden could look. We create a 'mood board' with examples of any garden structures, types of materials, colours and textures as well as plants that could be used in your new scheme. The choice of new design is then yours. See examples of concepts and sketches in the gallery.

The plans

Once you have selected the design that is right for you we draw this up in the studio. We use a combination of computer generated and hand drawn graphics. Creating the new structure of the garden is the first part of the project the initial plans will have measurements for areas of paving, paths and steps, dimensions of new structures, notes about materials and often construction drawings. This helps a contractor to prepare his quotation for you and, later, to build the new garden as we planned. The planting plans give details of the sizes, position, genus, species and cultivar for all your trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs in the new scheme. See examples of plans in the gallery.